'Cloud Reflecting' is an ethereal immersive installation intended to create a space for individuals to reflect beneath the clouds. As the sun sets, the clouds come alive, with a spectacle of light, optical illusion, and color, mesmerizing the viewer, and taking them to peaceful place.

With over 15 LED rigged, projection mapped clouds, this installation best utilizes 3D sculpture paired with technology to create an immersive experience. Beneath the clouds, is an area of fluffy carpets and pillows to give the viewer a place to rest and relax while fully immersing themselves in the clouds. This installation can be installed in a forest; but also can be installed in virtually any space. 

Below you can find a downloadable PDF on information about the clouds, as well as photos from various events they have been showcased at.

Please feel free to contact me through my website to have this installation at your upcoming event!


Initial 3D Render of the idea


Image from the warehouse party of the first time 

the clouds were set up