Hannah Selene Art Installations 2018-2019

Here is my collection of installations. Please click through the slides to see more images.

Please contact me to find out more about showcasing some of my work at your event, or creating a custom installation to suit your needs in the "contact" tab! 

LED Giant Angel Wings

Giant Angel Wings (16 ft across) with LED's and also can be projection mapped on each feather

Underwater Cave

Installation (Paradiso)

Thousands of individual pieces of foam and plastic to resemble coral or barnacles, projection mapped and LED rigged.

3 Headed Dog "Cerebrus"

Projection-mapped three headed dog from (in Greek mythology "Cerebrus") with glowing LED eyes

LED Tubes

DMX Controlled LED RGB tubes, in 1 meter lengths

Human "Cryo" Chamber

LED, Sound reactive "human" chamber (as seen in sci-fi movies) built for performers/dancers, on a cart with wheels for mobility through a crowd.


20-30 LED-rigged, projection mapped clouds suspended in the air above the viewer.

Projection Mapped Octopus

Giant octopus projection mapped on a 44 foot geodesic dome

Jelly fish//Swirl

 10 jellyfish that can be projection mapped and a sound-reactive LED swirl chandelier

Projection Mapped Rainbow

25 foot wide wooden rainbow projection mapped with LED clouds on both ends.

Angler Fish Mouth

16' wide and 12' tall Angler Fish mouth, with projection mapped teeth and eyes, LED rigged tubing

"New Era" Stage

Two walls made from foamcore meant to look like a city, projection mapped, about 40' wide by 13' tall

Clocks + Gears

Projection mapped clocks and gears made from paper/foam